VA Accredited Claims Agent   Mentorship and Coaching

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VA Accredited Claims Agent Coaching and Mentorship

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As a Claims Agent, you will be responsible for providing information about benefits and gathering information to assist in obtaining benefits and services available to veterans, their dependents and survivors. You will advise, instruct and counsel claimants and to aid in the preparation of claims for various benefits to which claimants may be entitled.

Are You Ready? 


New & Future Agents

The RIGHT knowledge is power -- You should have mentor if any of these apply to you

  • You're about to be on your second or third attempt for the exam and you need all the help you can get! 
  • You do not have a medical, legal, or military background, but you have a passion for helping others and you need guidance
  • You want to be a full-time agent now and you're needing help with business structure, marketing, etc
  • You have come across a complex case and you're needing help
  • You are having trouble getting in touch with people at the VA. You don't have any point of contacts & you're at a standstill 

Current Agents

If "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That" was a person and that person is you ...

  • You’re getting so many referrals and you're EXHAUSTED! 

  • You don't have a digital client management system -- Just a time consuming paper system 

  •  You get the cold shoulder from the VA when you have questions regarding a claim & you're not sure who to talk to

  • You know you should hire help and expand and you're not sure how
  • You're not sure where to complete your annual and/or biennial Continuing Legal  Education (CLE) requirements


Save Time, Increase Profits, and Close Knowledge Gaps With a Coach

"A conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from coaching, according to Fortune magazine, is that managers describe an average return of more than six times the cost of coaching." - The Harvard Business Review


What to Expect...

Support With

Case Work

  • Appeals, dependency, aggravation of preservice disability, secondary disabilities and more...
  • Client death; DIC/dependency and reporting 
  • What constitutes as powerful supporting evidence
  • Survivor benefits

Guidance on


  • When to submit revocation of services
  • Privacy protection, HIPAA and continuing education requirements
  • How to educate claimants on the claims process 
  • Providing case studies and archived records.

Assitance With


  • Business structure
  • Tax obligations 
  • 38 CFR 14.636 - Payment of fees for representation
  • When NOT to charge a claimaint or potential claimaint
  • Growing your business/Increasing clientelle
  • ...and much more!

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